Music Society Organization dedication to preserve American Art

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The Director of Music Society Organization hosted a conference where all relevant stakeholders were in attendance. The theme of the conference was “diversity in the preservation of American Art”. This is a worthwhile seminar where the American art comes into play to pass the legend to generation. The who is who in the creative art industry was in attendance. It was a chance to celebrate the milestones and chat the way forward on some of the challenges facing the industry. Music concerts, incorporation of music in the curriculum, galleries, Anti-piracy programs, and music competitions are some of the activities they deliberated on the conference.


In one way or the other, if you love something that is fun and fulfilling, in most cases, you always think of music concerts. These functions allow you to have a touch of what American art is all about. It comes in handy when you have a genre of all musicians in the continent. In addition, you get to have a touch of a live band who even emulates some of the old songs as a sign of appreciation of the American art culture. You will find that the concert is never complete when some specific sings are neither played not sang. In this way, the organization preserves some of the old music to the subsequent generations.

In school, children tend to learn the history of music. This ignites the curiosity in both new and old music in a bid to make a comparison. This adventure comes in handy to help in the preservation of the Art. This is the reason you find that even when an American music dies, there is still a legacy left in the modern songs.

When you visit the galleries, the organization have a stand in which they have a display of the musicians and some of their works. You can also have a touch of how some of the musical instruments have involved to the current times.

When you get an advertisement of a music competition, in most cases they are specific on the type of music in which they invite bids. In their auditions, they give priority to upcoming musicians who promote what the American culture is all about. A good example is a show ‘America got talent.’

How can you encourage upcoming musicians that there is still hope in having a career in music; when people have access to all the songs in just a few clicks?

This organization has many programs within their calendar with an objective of promoting the American art culture right from vintage to the modern times. They partner with local and state agencies so that the agencies also help to cay the load of the organization. Remember the agencies are the parties that have a direct connection with the relevant stakeholders and the consumers of the music. The media also play a big role, as they entertain; they carefully choose some of the music that helps in the promotion of the American at culture.

Decorating the wall of music studio

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Music studios do not require a large space; decorating ideas for the walls can make it look smaller or better. The color scheme painted on the walls should depict the theme and have value for the studio apartment.  Decorating the music studio walls can involve the use of color prints, place wall hangings, paint favorite pictures and make beautiful patterns. All these ideas can be incorporated to make an awesome visual outlook of your music studio walls.

Painting and spraying

Painting and spraying the walls of your music studio portrays a professional and aesthetic value of the wall. The colors used should not be too dark or too bright, use neutral colors to provide an expanding effect. It widens the space to look bigger than the usual place. The neutral colors should be in line with the color theme of the company. In case you choose to use more than two colors, ensure you color block them in a beautiful pattern which brings out ambiance and awesome color effect on the walls

Wall hangings

The wall hangings to be placed in the walls of the studios depend on the location of the studios. A home studio can have a wall hanging of family members and your taste of environment. A professional music studio must have the taste of the clients at heart. A picture of a spectacular bridge will be ideal. Alternatively, you can use it to advertise your recent works for one to choose. The latter needs to be used with care to avoid cluttering the walls. Try belt sanders you will make it smooth

Picture painting

You can also seek the services of a painter to draw your favorite pictures on the wall. They could be wide enough to have a welcoming effect to your visitors. Choose a picture, which accommodates the taste of the majority.

Make patterns

You can also portray artistic skills by drawing beautiful patterns, which incorporate different colors on the walls. The patterns should have a widening effect since the walls are the focal point of the studio. Patterns with horizontal lines are better than patterns with vertical parallel lines. The vertical parallel lines give a heightening effect, horizontal parallel lines have an expanding effect.


There are various wallpapers available in the stores. You can invest in one, which has a good pattern which brings out the best color of your theme and taste. The uniformity gives the studio a professional outlook. You could also incorporate multiple color wallpapers with different color themes but ensure they communicate the same color message to break the monotony.

You could seek the services of an interior designer to give a professional advice on the best ideas which suits your studio. Not all ideas are ideal for all studios; photo studios may require wall hangings but an audio studio may require minimal wall decorations instead, a wall to wall carpet is ideal to help minimize noise and external sound interference.  The available space should be your guide on the best decoration ideas for your studio. Checking the top rated equipment is always recommend.


Music while playing Ping Pong

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Scientists have proven reasons of the health benefits of music. Playing music while playing Ping Pong also has a positive impact on the success of the game, the impact is determined by the type of music you choose to play. Fast-paced music increases the game intensity compared to slow-paced music. You can choose to play the game in the background or use modern paddles which may be  a difficult decision and connect the earphones to your ear. The advantage of this, you have a choice to enjoy the music without interrupting other spectators and players. Alternatively, organizers of a tournament always contract a resident DJ to play music and add fun to the event. It has a fulfilling experience, especially when doing changeovers.


Increases your heart rate

Playing music at high volume with a fast tempo has a direct impact on the heart rate. An increased heart rate increases the energy level of a player improving his ability to apply tactics for that intensive and vigorous game. Assuming you are playing a tense game and the whole arena is silent. Music breaks the anxiety and allows the player to relax to meet the opponent. Music offers a calming effect in a very tense environment as well as reduces anxiety levels of a player.


Customized movement

During Ping Pong training, having music playing in the background motivates the player to increase body movement efficiency. It diverts the player’s attention to the music this means the player can play for a longer duration without feeling fatigue. This improves his muscle strength and ability to learn more skills and tactics essential to the success of the brain game.


Correlates the mind and the body

Ping Pong requires proper coordination between the body and the mind. The logic required in playing the game should correlate to ensure they work as a team. Music puts the two together with effective nervous movements and thinking the capacity to improve on tactics or learn the weakness of the opponent. Music puts them in the mood for play so that they can bring out their best of Ping Pong skills and tactics.

Fun and entertainment

Music entertains the players and ensures you are relaxed to taimg_0120ckle the game with ease. When a player is anxious, he may not perform well since the nervous system is not relaxed and the body and mind are not working as a team; a great feature in the success of the game. Music allows them to enjoy the game even if it proves tough the mind tackles and the best skill are applied.

Enhances speed

Ping Pong is characterized by speed in ball hitting and ball response. Music enhances the speed in which the player hits and moves around to ensure he hits the ball in relation to the position of the opponent. Great care is required to ensure you only play music which has a fast tempo with moderate volume.

Music has a positive impact on the brain game since it ensures the player’s mind and body are in unison.

The Music and Coffee for Relaxation

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While it is not a drug, the caffeine in coffee stimulates the production of dopamine in the body. Dopamine results in euphoria and other pleasant emotions. Music, on the other hand, resonates with human frequency, emotion and feelings providing some sort of motivation, inspiration and other energy in a person. That is why at the coffee shop most people have coffee in one hand and earphones on. Most times these people are hunched over a laptop trying to get some work done. Many people find it pleasant to work from a coffee shop. It provides an environment of tranquility where people can attain so much in a relaxed manner. The human body benefits a lot from relaxation. In a relaxed state, an individual is able to study or get work done. Therefore, try to incorporate music and coffee for your relaxation. Music and coffee are easy to incorporate into your life to help you relax for various reasons.

fcaea70a2d3d71d055ca7939834a4077To begin with, both indulgences are quite cheap. Their cost efficiency is what makes them popular among students. It is fairly cheap to acquire the quality build coffee maker like Delonghi ESAM 3500.N Magnifica. Do not go for anything fancy, like a cappuccino maker, a basic coffee maker is enough. It will ensure that at any point you need to make a cappuccino when studying or working, you can have it. This will reduce any interruptions or distractions that arise from going all the way to the coffee shop. Another way to ensure that coffee relaxes you is to find out your preferred brew. Do you prefer your coffee black, white, decaf, sugarless or just instant coffee? If you enjoy the taste and aroma of the coffee you take, its impact on your sense will be greater. Nonetheless, always keep in mind that while coffee can help you relax, it is also easy to develop dependence. Therefore, take the coffee in moderation and when necessary. Another disclaimer about coffee is that while relaxing, it can also cause some weight gain.

Music is also quite easy to incorporate in your life. The music at the coffee shop is always good. Most coffee shops play classical music, jazz, or simply classic songs. Most of the music played has a slow tempo, unique tunes, and is played in low volume. Most people find such music pleasant and relaxing. If the music resonates with you, there are many coffee shop playlists that can be downloaded from the internet. You can simply download the playlist and play it from your phone or your music system. The option is appropriate for most people with little knowledge of music. However, it will not work for most music enthusiasts. If you are a music enthusiast, you already understand your music preference. Consequently, the task lies in selecting music that can help you relax. This is because it is easy to dance or sing along to every song. If the goal is relaxation, you need to create a playlist of the slow tempo songs that you enjoy. Adding rock, rap or hip-hop music to the playlist is unwise. Therefore, select mainly from classical, blues, or instrumental genres of music.






Why parties are best with music and grilled food

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The fan of the party is the kind of music played and diverse food variety served at the party venue. Music offers a relaxing environment for partygoers as well as sooth the soul and the mind. It rejuvenates the people’s mind in return people are up in arms clapping, and dancing to the moves. The mixture of music and grilled food in parties is meant for entertainment and fun. The sense of contentment music gives the partygoers is beyond a reasonable doubt.


Stress reliever

Listening and dancing to your favorite music ignites the production of happiness hormones and suppresses production of stress induction hormones relieving stress to the music listeners. At the party, the dancing at the dance floor improves social interaction making one to forget the daily challenges that one goes through.


Satisfactory effect

You cannot be comfortable in a restaurant when you are hungry. Grilled food has numerous health benefits apart from general satisfaction. The fact that you watch how the food is prepared guarantees you the freshness of the meal and the source; you are not worried of any preparation malfunctions, which, you will never know if a beginner smoker( was the one who prepared it when enjoying the meal.


Fun and entertainment

People opt to go to parties to unwind. You do not unwind by staring at the walls of the disco hall. Some fast tempo music is ideal to go through the nightlife. It is a form of entertainment vital for the body and soul. It helps you appreciate what the world has to offer in the entertainment industry.



Grilled food is appetizing, this is a complex brain process, which ignites production of happiness hormones giving a satisfactory and fulfilling effect on the partygoers. Getting out of the outdoor event to get a glimpse of the favorite meat bites is also relaxing after an intensive dancing move.


Motivates individuals

At times you just want to have a “me time” and opt to go to a party, sit and just relax. When music is played, you find yourself dancing to the rhythm at the comfort of your seat. Before you know it, you are up and enjoying the dance without even noticing you wanted to have a self-time.


Social and cognitive development

Many complex mental reactions take place when dancing to the music. The mental benefit is cognitive growth and development as well as the application of logic reasoning in your daily life.


Moral lessons

Music is a form of communication. Apart from the fun and entertainment, it offers. They always communicate to the listeners. The inner soul is preached to this leads to self-encouragement of the listeners.


The combination of music and grilled food is a complete arrangement in a party. They both ensure the body, soul and mind work in unison for an overall positive effect. Entrepreneurs have invested heavily in the latest music playlists to ensure the tastes of all the visitors are incorporated. Other, hire the services of a DJ for a spectacular music mixing to keep visitors up on their feet throughout their presence at the party venue.

Good Life Grill Presents: The Hooker Beer Dinner from Kyle S. Reyes on Vimeo.


Promoting Music to spread awareness to People

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Music promotion is challenging especially for new musicians. You have just started recording your music and you need to share it with the world. Spreading awareness of one’s music is the key to attaining popularity, a record deal, and financial success. Therefore, new musicians must spend a substantial amount of time promoting their music to create its awareness among people. There are a number of effective ways to promote music effectively.

  1. Know your market

It is essential to understand where your consumers exist. Many musicians have gained popularity by sharing their music on YouTube. There are many platforms where you can promote your music. However, you have to figursept_workshop6-jpg_sia_jpg_fit_to_width_fulle out the stronghold of your consumers. For instance, a makeup tutorial on YouTube gains more attention than a Swahili cooking tutorial. This is because women of all ages rely on YouTube for makeup tutorials. However, very few people speak Swahili let alone watch Swahili cooking tutorials.

  1. Networking

Promoting music should not only focus on directly reaching the consumers, it should also focus on marketing it to other similar and related businesses. Networking should focus on promoting your music to DJs, VDJs, event organizers, fellow musicians, radio hosts, and other similar entities. Such networks might work well promoting your music because the people you reach out to could have a wider pool of the audience. For instance, if a popular DJ tweets about your music or shares your music on his social media platforms, more people will be aware of your music.

  1. Social Media

Social media is an essential part of the marketing process in the 21st century. Promote your music on your social media platforms. Use creative and indirect methods of marketing to ensure that you do not go overboard with the marketing. For example, you cannot keep reminding the consumers to download your new music all the time. They might get tired of the same story. Therefore, try to be subtle. For instance, update a picture after performing at a gig and explain how nervous you were about going on stage but that the crowd was awesome and exhilarating. Such updates do not directly influence the consumers to buy your music but it creates awareness of the existence of you and your music.

  1. Use other online platforms to promote your music

YouTube and Facebook are useful in creating awareness for your music. However, do not ignore other available platforms. For instance, ensure that you have a website and constantly update it. Use apps such as Reddit, iTunes, bandsintown and songkick to create awareness of your music and shows. Every time you use a new app or venture into a new online marketing platform, you spread awareness to new people because different consumers use a wide range of varying online apps and services. Some Online platforms are considered as CRM like Gedlynk, Office Autopilot, and Infusionsoft. These Email Automation Softwares will help you send out automatic news/updates to your customer. Some check reviews first and see the difference like “leadpages versus convertkit(see our comparison here) ” before buying one of these software.

  1. Gigs

Spend a portion of your time performing at different gigs to promote your music. In every gig that you perform, there are different people. Therefore, the more gigs you perform, the more traction you gain.


Festival 2009

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The Blue Ridge Blues Society presents:
The 4th Annual Blue Ridge Blues & BBQ Festival Highlights!

Held Saturday – July 18, 2009, From Noon until 10:00 pm!!

Elmwood Park, Downtown Roanoke, VA

Our Festival Lineup was:

From Noon until 5:00 pm we heard the following bands competing from
all over the region! We thank them for being a part of our festival!

Blackwater, from Blue Ridge VA
Blue Light District, from Richmond VA
Contagious Blues Band, from Clover SC
Cream of the Crop Blues Band, from Pulaski VA
Hunter Wolfe and ARE, from Orange VA
Sol, from Merrifield VA
Sparks Will Fly Featuring Brittany Sparks, from Roanoke VA
The Mike Lucci Band, from Richmond, VA
The Mo’ Hippa Band, from Waynesboro VA

Special Thanks to all the Volunteers!
All of you made a BIG difference!
We really had a VERY successful festival because of your help and assistance!

Would you like to hear a Blue Ridge Blues & BBQ Festival Preview Show
that highlights most of the performers at the festival?
Click theBluzNdaBlood logo below to go to the Festival Preview!
Then click on the Player!

Music for your Pet  

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Despite the myriad of videos on YouTube showing pets dancing to music, pets do not necessarily enjoy human music. Similar to human beings, pets prefer music that aligns with their sound frequencies, tone, tempo and other listening needs. Music for pets is more complicated than we assume. For instance, a pet cat listens to different music than a pet dog. Therefore, your life just became more complicated if you have both a cat and a dog pet. The pets prefer music that is species specific. Hence, a bull dog and a Labrador may not listen to the same kind of music. Before you leave classical, Mozart or rock music to keep your pet company when you are away, remember to find out what kind of music your pet prefers. Some pets are excited by tunes from TV commercials or other human tunes. To find out what your pet loves, you need to figure out what excites him. For instance, if the tune from a TV commercial excites him, find music close to its tune and tempo and find out how the pet responds. Check for any distress signals to understand whether the pet enjoys the music. You must be wondering why finding out the best music for your pet is important. The following are reasons why pet music is important.

  1. To calm down your pet

Similar to humans, the right kind of music can reduce agitation. For instance, if your dog gets agitated by the loud Fourth of July fireworks, or your cat is afraid of thunder, appropriate pet music is useful. You can play the music to drown the dog-ipodloud noises and keep your pet calm. The music could work on other forms of agitation as well. For instance, if a stranger or relative scares the pet and leaves it upset good music can help the situation. Many shelters play music to keep their four-legged residents calm during storms or loud events aside from feeding them food(

  1. For a sick pet

Peace and calm are essential in the easy and better recovery of a pet in health distress. If your pet is sick, good music will help in creating a peaceful and tranquil environment for recovery. According to Live Research, the harp helps pooches relax and lower their heart rate. A lower heart rate and relaxation contribute to their fast recovery. Some veterinary clinics, aside from using medicine like glucose as how glucose will make the organization and pet dog alive, already use music to help their residents through recovery. Therefore, knowing the music that best suits your pet could help in his recovery.

  1. General Pet welfare

Some pet owners often have to leave their pets alone for a long time or a few hours a day. Many pets, especially dogs, do not do well in solitude. Knowing the music your pet likes can help the pets cope with situations such as loneliness. A pet might feel better if the owner leaves him in the company of species-specific music as opposed to a quiet house or human music. If a pet is stressed or depressed by an occurrence, appropriate music will help in improving his general well being.