Music for your Pet  

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Despite the myriad of videos on YouTube showing pets dancing to music, pets do not necessarily enjoy human music. Similar to human beings, pets prefer music that aligns with their sound frequencies, tone, tempo and other listening needs. Music for pets is more complicated than we assume. For instance, a pet cat listens to different music than a pet dog. Therefore, your life just became more complicated if you have both a cat and a dog pet. The pets prefer music that is species specific. Hence, a bull dog and a Labrador may not listen to the same kind of music. Before you leave classical, Mozart or rock music to keep your pet company when you are away, remember to find out what kind of music your pet prefers. Some pets are excited by tunes from TV commercials or other human tunes. To find out what your pet loves, you need to figure out what excites him. For instance, if the tune from a TV commercial excites him, find music close to its tune and tempo and find out how the pet responds. Check for any distress signals to understand whether the pet enjoys the music. You must be wondering why finding out the best music for your pet is important. The following are reasons why pet music is important.

  1. To calm down your pet

Similar to humans, the right kind of music can reduce agitation. For instance, if your dog gets agitated by the loud Fourth of July fireworks, or your cat is afraid of thunder, appropriate pet music is useful. You can play the music to drown the dog-ipodloud noises and keep your pet calm. The music could work on other forms of agitation as well. For instance, if a stranger or relative scares the pet and leaves it upset good music can help the situation. Many shelters play music to keep their four-legged residents calm during storms or loud events aside from feeding them food(

  1. For a sick pet

Peace and calm are essential in the easy and better recovery of a pet in health distress. If your pet is sick, good music will help in creating a peaceful and tranquil environment for recovery. According to Live Research, the harp helps pooches relax and lower their heart rate. A lower heart rate and relaxation contribute to their fast recovery. Some veterinary clinics, aside from using medicine like glucose as how glucose will make the organization and pet dog alive, already use music to help their residents through recovery. Therefore, knowing the music that best suits your pet could help in his recovery.

  1. General Pet welfare

Some pet owners often have to leave their pets alone for a long time or a few hours a day. Many pets, especially dogs, do not do well in solitude. Knowing the music your pet likes can help the pets cope with situations such as loneliness. A pet might feel better if the owner leaves him in the company of species-specific music as opposed to a quiet house or human music. If a pet is stressed or depressed by an occurrence, appropriate music will help in improving his general well being.