Promoting Music to spread awareness to People

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Music promotion is challenging especially for new musicians. You have just started recording your music and you need to share it with the world. Spreading awareness of one’s music is the key to attaining popularity, a record deal, and financial success. Therefore, new musicians must spend a substantial amount of time promoting their music to create its awareness among people. There are a number of effective ways to promote music effectively.

  1. Know your market

It is essential to understand where your consumers exist. Many musicians have gained popularity by sharing their music on YouTube. There are many platforms where you can promote your music. However, you have to figursept_workshop6-jpg_sia_jpg_fit_to_width_fulle out the stronghold of your consumers. For instance, a makeup tutorial on YouTube gains more attention than a Swahili cooking tutorial. This is because women of all ages rely on YouTube for makeup tutorials. However, very few people speak Swahili let alone watch Swahili cooking tutorials.

  1. Networking

Promoting music should not only focus on directly reaching the consumers, it should also focus on marketing it to other similar and related businesses. Networking should focus on promoting your music to DJs, VDJs, event organizers, fellow musicians, radio hosts, and other similar entities. Such networks might work well promoting your music because the people you reach out to could have a wider pool of the audience. For instance, if a popular DJ tweets about your music or shares your music on his social media platforms, more people will be aware of your music.

  1. Social Media

Social media is an essential part of the marketing process in the 21st century. Promote your music on your social media platforms. Use creative and indirect methods of marketing to ensure that you do not go overboard with the marketing. For example, you cannot keep reminding the consumers to download your new music all the time. They might get tired of the same story. Therefore, try to be subtle. For instance, update a picture after performing at a gig and explain how nervous you were about going on stage but that the crowd was awesome and exhilarating. Such updates do not directly influence the consumers to buy your music but it creates awareness of the existence of you and your music.

  1. Use other online platforms to promote your music

YouTube and Facebook are useful in creating awareness for your music. However, do not ignore other available platforms. For instance, ensure that you have a website and constantly update it. Use apps such as Reddit, iTunes, bandsintown and songkick to create awareness of your music and shows. Every time you use a new app or venture into a new online marketing platform, you spread awareness to new people because different consumers use a wide range of varying online apps and services. Some Online platforms are considered as CRM like Gedlynk, Office Autopilot, and Infusionsoft. These Email Automation Softwares will help you send out automatic news/updates to your customer. Some check reviews first and see the difference like “leadpages versus convertkit(see our comparison here) ” before buying one of these software.

  1. Gigs

Spend a portion of your time performing at different gigs to promote your music. In every gig that you perform, there are different people. Therefore, the more gigs you perform, the more traction you gain.